White-collar crime lawyer in Colorado

White-collar crime lawyer in Colorado
White-collar crime lawyer in Colorado

Are you charged with a white-collar crime?

If you are facing white-collar offenses, the only one that can help you is an experienced white-collar crime lawyer in CO. Only a few lawyers from across the country are admitted to practice in the federal courts. Federal/white-collar crimes are usually prosecuted in the federal court. White-collar crime attorneys are devoted to defending clients with federal felonies.

Ever since the economic catastrophe that occurred in the year 2008, the media and the federal government have been obsessed with white-collar crimes. The federal government handles white-collar crimes very aggressively. It means that there’s no room for leniency when your career, employment and reputation is at stake.

Some pedestrian examples of white-collar crimes are internet fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, extortion, kidnapping, larceny, identity theft, etc. If you have been accused of any federal/white-collar crime, you need an experienced white-collar crime attorney in CO to build your defense case.

Common crimes that a white-collar attorney deal with

Here are some examples of federal crimes:


This involves an act by an individual to limit or fake valuable assets and items. A common example of counterfeiting is the fake currency. The US bill notes and coins are designed ornately to prevent counterfeiting. Counterfeiting can not only hurt the general public but also investors, leading to a bad image of the US brand. In addition to that, t-shirts, pants, jewelry and shoes can be counterfeited as well.


Fraud is a primary class of federal/white-collar crime which includes other white-collar crimes such as internet fraud, identity theft, bank fraud, insurance fraud, cell phone fraud, healthcare fraud, credit card fraud, etc.

Fraud happens when someone distorts information, does not provide key information, and misuses the untrue information lie about the past, future or present. The purpose of fraud is financial gain. However, if you have been wrongly accused of fraud and are being interrogated by federal agencies like the FBI and IRS, it is important to seek advice from a Colorado White-collar crime lawyer.

Extortion, bribery, and embezzlement

These white-collar crimes involve using influence to bend the will of an individual or an organization for financial gain. While bribery involves the act of giving money to buy favors, embezzlement involves the unethical and illegal appropriation of funds/money entrusted for the purpose of investment.

Extortion is the act of forcing individuals to provide remuneration in exchange for security. If the remuneration is not provided, the potential subject could be harmed by the party.

Other federal crimes include:

  • Police impersonation
  • Money laundering
  • Blackmailing
  • Shell games
  • Real estate fraud
  • Odometer fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Federal estate evasion
  • Human trafficking
  • Sex crimes
  • Publishing of fake coupon
  • Racketeering
  • Over-billing clients
  • Pyramid schemes

What white-collar crime is considered a felony?

White-collar is a crime committed by those wearing suits to work. Corporate crimes done despite having an official post in the office are also known as white-collar crimes. While some cases get bounced to the federal court, other crimes such as theft are prosecuted directly in Colorado courts.

As the federal government handles white-collar crimes aggressively, the consequences of a white-collar felony are dire. If you are ever accused of white-collar crime, not only do you lose your job but it also affects your future employment. You would never be able to work with a reputable corporation as most of the employers check the criminal record.

Each white-collar crime is prosecuted differently, depending on the evidence. You need a legal defense strategy to bail yourself out of white-collar crime.

A white-collar crime lawyer can help you build a strong legal defense plan to protect your constitutional rights.

White-Collar attorney Kansas City

White-Collar attorney Kansas City
White-Collar attorney Kansas City

If you have been charged with a Kansas City white-collar crime or expecting to be, the defense is important to get yourself out of the legal mess. Hiring an inexperienced white-collar attorney can cost you imprisonment. By hiring an experienced white-collar lawyer, who has expertise in defense can help you stay clean of any crime. Expect a bigger outcome by hiring an experienced white-collar attorney as they are well-versed in defense laws.

Preserve your rights by hiring a white-collar attorney Kansas City

If an arrest warrant has been issued for you due to committing a crime or if you have been wrongly accused, there are some legal points that you should be aware of.

The law and government give you the right to hire a white-collar lawyer if you have already been arrested. You should always request for your attorney’s presence before speaking to the police offer or an investigation agent. Not willing to speak without your attorney’s presence is your right.

Never make a confession or state something aloud as everything you say will be used against you in the court by the prosecution, in front of the judge. Regardless of the situation, it is best in your favor to hire a white-collar attorney as soon as you get arrested for a crime.

A white-collar attorney Kansas City will explain your rights or provide the right advice during the initial stages of your lawsuit. He would also be present during the investigation and interrogation so that you do not make an unintentional confession as the officers are pretty keen on pressurizing the people under custody. 

In most of the cases, the police and authorities misplace or ignore the evidence that can be used to your advantage. They only gather information that can be used against you. This way, the police can easily file charges against you.

It is always good to remember that the prosecution and police are not on your side. Even if your case is defendable, the strict, one-sided evaluation of the case can put you to jail. Sometimes, the misplaced evidence or errors from the investigators and police officers can put you behind bars.

Here is where you need a Kansas City white-collar attorney, to help you gather the evidence to your advantage so that the court announces a fair judgment.

What happens if you get charged with a white-collar crime?

Your career can get ruined if you get convicted of white-collar crimes such as forgery, embezzlement, bank fraud, tax fraud of internet crimes. Even if the court announced no jail time, the white-collar criminal record will prevent you from good employment for the rest of your life. Very few employers are willing to hire an employee who has been charged with a white-collar crime in the past.

Some of the white-collar crimes are:

  • Internet fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Bank fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering

If you have already been charging with a white-collar crime, you need a white-collar lawyer, Kansas City who will consult and explain to you the consequences of these charges against you. In most cases, expert witnesses investigate the evidence used against you, especially if it a computer fraud.

People without a lawyer usually incriminate themselves by providing evidence to the police. This is the evidence that is not usually not found but you give it yourself while speaking or being interrogated. It is crucial to hire an experienced white-collar lawyer as he will be present throughout your interrogation time.

For reliable representation in the court, hire a knowledgeable white-collar attorney, Kansas City whenever you face federal or white-collar charges. When your freedom is at stake, you need an experienced lawyer to handle your case.

Best White-Collar attorneys in Akron

Best White-Collar attorneys in Akron
Best White-Collar attorneys in Akron

What is white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes refer to non-violent crimes such as tax fraud, embezzlement, forgery, and tax evasion. They can either be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the extent of the crime. Some cases even involve the federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US customers, tobacco and firearms, Bureau of Alcohol, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Drug enforcement agency (DEA) and other federal authorities.

It is the federal government that investigates white-collar crimes. The offense case can take months and even years before there is a proper indictment.

If you have been charged with a white-collar crime in Akron, it is best to seek legal advice from a white-collar attorney. If you are under investigation, arrested, or being interrogated, the easy way out is to hire a white-collar attorney, Akron to prevent the indictment.

White-collar attorneys in Akron

Some of the best and experienced white-collar attorneys reside in Akron. They are proven, energetic, and handle white-collar crime cases well. Your white-collar lawyer, Akron should be a tough and stern litigator who is known as the best person to defend the client’s constitutional rights. If you have been accused of a white-collar crime that you did not commit, hire a white-collar attorney who is well-versed in all the white-collar laws.

White-collar attorneys handle the following cases:

  • Perjury: to swear a false oath, willfully
  • Counterfeiting: to imitate money or drugs illegally
  • Internet fraud: to misuse the internet in order to perform fraudulent acts such as stealing someone’s identity, using someone else’s credit card, and transmitting false information
  • Bank fraud: Using illegal ways to obtain assets, liabilities, money, and estate in ownership in order to improve the financial situation
  • Bribery: to give or take something of value in return for influence or an action
  • Credit card fraud: Using a credit card to commit online fraud or using someone else’s credit card number for financial gains
  • Tax evasion: delaying taxes or choosing not to pay underlying taxes
  • Securities fraud: deceiving the investors into an unprofitable or dead-end investment, causing them financial loss
  • Larceny: stealing someone’s personal property- property theft in simpler words
  • Embezzlement: the act of stealing from an employer- usually an employee looking to deceive the employer
  • Money laundering: to obtain illegal money, usually through large business or bank transactions
  • Extortion: to obtain money or property, usually by force or through strong influence
  • Forgery: the act of producing a false copy of property papers, documents and signatures

If your trial becomes necessary for committing a white-collar crime, the white-collar attorney will question potential witnesses to uncover evidence to your advantage. Most of the evidence that could be used in your favor is ignored by the police officers or the prosecution. However, an experienced white-collar attorney Akron helps to lead the case in your favor by interviewing potential businesses and revealing favorable evidence.

Akron white-collar lawyer has intimate knowledge of all the Ohio white-collar criminal laws. A lawyer can use the resources, his knowledge, and evidence into his favor and negotiate with the prosecutor effectively to prevent you from going to jail.

White-collar crimes are federal crimes

Most of the white-collar crimes are federal crimes. Therefore, you could be facing lengthy jail time, steep and hefty fines, a felony record and even the loss of employment. In addition to that, you will lose your reputation in front of the jury and at work as well.

Many times, the prosecutor accuses the defendant of multiple offenses at once. White-collar attorneys Akron have the determination and knowledge to tackle or dismiss multiple felonies. Being accused of a federal crime is overwhelming and tough. However, a white-collar lawyer by your side can help you to create a strategic defense plan.