Ambulance Chaser Attorney

What Is an Ambulance Chaser Attorney?

An ambulance chaser attorney is the one who immediately goes to an accident scene and solicits information from the clients. However, this practice is illegal all around the world. If you have ever been in an injury accident, you need to note this practice. It can be derailing for your case to get involved with an ambulance chaser lawyer.

You must also know that some ambulance chaser attorneys also hire people to gain information from the clients. Moreover, they also bribe nurses, police officers or paramedics to work as runners. Their main motive is to pass out business cards to the victims who have just been in an injury accident. You would often see this unethical act occurring in the police station’s lobby or at a doctor’s appointment.

How Do Ambulance Chaser Lawyers Get A Victim’s Information?

The majority of people are unaware that you can get an individual copy of crash reports and police records as per the open records law. This implies that anyone can get access to your accident report if you have been in an accident. The accident report has your phone number, name and address written on it. This makes it very easy for the ambulance chasers cum personal injury lawyers to find you.

But you must be aware of ambulance chaser lawyers because they pretend as if they have your best interest. In reality, they just want to use the information to get revenue. Moreover, they do not care about your compensation claim or the medical attention you are getting at that moment.

How to Know If You Have Been Approached By An Ambulance Chaser Attorney?

An ambulance chaser lawyer is easy to point out. Even though being in an accident is daunting and confusing but ambulance chasers are very obvious in that situation. Not only do they try to prey on injured victims but they also act aggressively to solicit clients.

Here are a few signs that could help you detect an ambulance chaser:

  • They visit you at the hospital without prior notice or your knowledge.
  • They call you right after the accident took place.
  • You do not know them at all.
  • They continuously ask about your injuries even though they are not your doctors.
  • Hired runners usually refer you to an injury lawyer.
  • They offer you a ride to the nearest medical clinic or hospital.
  • They refer you to a hospital.

Why Should I Avoid Ambulance Chaser Attorneys?

If an accident lawyer is using an unethical approach to get clients, he might also be willing to involve in other illegal and unethical behaviors. So, it is best in your interest to avoid ambulance chaser attorneys as much as you can. While retaining a lawyer, always look out for his experience and professionalism.

Unethical lawyers do not want your best. They do not work hard enough to get the compensation money you deserve. Instead, they work to revenue.

While looking for an injury lawyer, always go with the one who keeps his clients above all.