Searching for a good contract attorney can be tough, especially for small businesses. This becomes the biggest challenge for small businesses that look day and night for a good contract lawyer with expertise in the respective field. A lot of contract attorneys engage in general contract practices such as covering trusts, estates, wills, family law, and other contract laws. If you approach a lawyer to draft a contract, he would not say no. That is where the trouble begins.

A lawyer agreeing to draft a contract does not mean you would get quality services from him. So, it is better to find an experienced and well-versed contract attorney who can get you a better-drafted contract.

But how to find a good contract lawyer? Here are a few ways you should consider while hunting for a good lawyer:

Judge the Lawyer by His Experience

Lawyers who are serious about their work get training in large law firms. Law firms usually take in the best fresh graduates and spend a huge amount of money on their training. A few years of training and then, a lawyer can provide top-notch services to his clients.

Corporate lawyers usually do not engage in drafting wills and trusts. Instead, they engage in contract drafting practices. So, if he has experience in drafting contracts, he would be able to provide you quality services.

Look at The Lawyer’s Testimonials

Experience is not the only thing that matters. Checking out a lawyer’s testimonials from clients could help you get on a decision fast. A good lawyer is one who does not work for revenue. So, look out for a lawyer who has expertise in specific areas. You can get the idea of one’s expertise through his testimonials.

Discuss the Pricing and Type of Job

You can tell a lot about a lawyer from the way they approach his clients. An interested contract attorney would discuss more on your business, company and legal needs of a contract before going to his fee.

A good contract attorney would also offer a free consultation/legal advice before drafting your contract.

A proficient contract lawyer would always set the price appropriately based on the contract he is working on. Some contracts are complex so the fee is hefty while others do not need to be charged for much.

Apart from experience and testimonials, pricing is also a good way to determine if the contract lawyer you are choosing is worthy of selection or not. If you have no idea about the pricing, you can look around on the internet and see what you should be charged for each contract.


Finding an experienced contract lawyer is important to your business. Even though it is a bit difficult to find a good one, it is not impossible. A good contract attorney would always be interested in legal issues and matters of your contract and related business rather than the revenue he is going to get. So, while a lawyer, do not stop looking for willingness, experiences, and references.