Getting divorced in Israel can drastically affect your housing, where you live, how often do you get to see the children and other aspects of life. If you and your spouse live in Israel or planning to travel there, getting a divorce might come with more consequences.

Adding religious and international concerns in a divorce is a bit tricky. That is why seeking an Israel divorce lawyer might be in your favor. If you are being divorced and want the spouse and his/her lawyer to understand your needs, legal help is important. A well-versed attorney in Israel could help you navigate through the legal process.

Family Law in Israel

Israel’s family law is unlike any other family law in the country. It is because no civil marriage can take place there. The authority of marriages is entirely in the hands of Israel’s religious courts. All the other matters regarding the divorce are settled in mediation courts as well, mainly to reduce the financial costs and time of both the parties.

In Israel, there are family courts and civil courts that resolve family law issues. For instance, sharia courts are for the Arabs, rabbinical courts are for the Jews and Christian courts are for the Israeli Christians. Special courts in Israel are for people belonging to other religious groups.

Marriage in Israel And Abroad

In Israel, when the wedding takes place between two Jews, it must be conducted by the rabbinate chief. If one of them is not a Jew, the wedding has to be a civil marriage and too, should be conducted abroad.

Prenuptial Contract

Prenuptial contract refers to an agreement based on all the possible marital relationship issues. Many issues might arise between the couple, such as:

Determination of property or assets that would not be divided among the souse because they all belong to one spouse.

Division of assets jointly owned by the couple.

The main reason for the prenuptial contract is to stop the two individuals from becoming enemies if their marital relationship is ending or has ended.

Divorce in Israel

The divorce hearings can only be taken in the rabbinical court in Israel if both of the individuals are Jewish and their wedding relies on Jewish religious law or Halacha.

Other issues such as division of assets, custody of children, children’s residence, are resolved in an Israeli civil court.

If one of the individuals is not Jewish, the divorce would proceed in one of the family courts. For the settlement of divorce issues, one must hire an Israeli divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys assure that the divorce is painless and quick to deal with.


Divorce issues such as residence of the spouses, the residence of children and division of assets are resolved based on the divorce settlement agreement in front of the judge. It can enable you to have a protracted and quick divorce suit. This agreement is both for both individuals. It is set down in writing. A divorce attorney could help you prepare a fair agreement and get it approved by the court in no time.