Racism lawyer New York

Racism lawyer New York
Racism lawyer New York

Racism has been one of the most fascinating and oldest problems to ever plague the world. Extensive studies suggest that racism may not only have been a social trend, but also a revolutionary ability to being cautious of something or someone who looks different.

If you think that you are being discriminated against based on your race, hiring a Racism lawyer in New York may be the best legal action that you can take to get back at the offenders.

Cases where to hire a Racism lawyer

Even though racism is supposedly a past problem, it is still prevalent in many sectors, especially in the United States even today. Here are some of the cases where you will want to hire a Racism lawyer:

Lack of access to equal opportunity

Being unable to get access to a job opportunity just because you belong to a certain race is a blatant case of racial discrimination.
It is illegal for an employer to not hire a person based on their race according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you think that a company in New York is trying to undermine your talent and not hiring you purely on the basis of your appearance and race, it might be time to hire a Racism lawyer from New York.

Do note that you will need all the evidence you can find, so retaliating on the spot may not be a good option.

Racial Harassment – being called the ‘n-word’

Racial harassment is prevalent in many of New York’s streets, even though the government has been trying to find ways to cut it down. More than 50% of all African American New Yorkers claim that they have been racially harassed at least once in their lifetime.
If you think that you are being racially harassed, do consider hiring a Racism lawyer in New York state. They will be able to help you get justice.

Direct/Indirect discrimination

There are two main types of discrimination: direct and indirect discrimination. Direct discrimination is being treated lesser just because you look a little different or belong to a different race. Indirect discrimination is being given a harsher treatment by the employer based on a policy that demeans a certain person’s background (race, color, religion).

These types of discriminations can occur in either a school, a workplace, or even in public locations in New York. If you are a victim in any of these cases, do consider hiring a Racism lawyer.

What can a racist lawyer provide?

The Equality Act of 2010 ensures that everyone regardless of their color, nationality origins or race should be treated equally as long as they all belong to the same country. Here are some of the things that a Racism lawyer can provide for you:

  • Compensation for damage dealt – a Racism lawyer can help provide compensation for all sorts of damage that may be dealt with the person through racism.
  • Collect evidence – it is the job of a lawyer to collect and provide evidence to the court to ensure that the proceeding goes as scheduled. A Racism lawyer will collect enough evidence that is needed to ensure that their client is getting a better result from the law.
  • Help get pay raise/promotion/safety from the workplace – a Racism lawyer can help you get pay raise if you think you are being racially discriminated and not being given adequate raise on time. The lawyer can also help with promotion in the workplace and help protect from any hostile work environment based on color.

Even if you are not sure whether the discrimination you are facing does fall under the law’s jurisdiction, do consider getting an appointment with a good Racism lawyer in New York. You might find a lead as to where to get justice.